8 Amazing Benefits of Amla Juice: When Bitter is Better

Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C and helps increase immunity, metabolism and prevents bacterial and viral diseases, including a runny nose and cough. Its nutritional profile comes also with a number of polyphenols, which fights against the development of cancer cells.

According to Ayurveda, Amla juice is known to balance all processes in the body and offers a balanced relationship between the three Doshas:

  1. Pitta
  2. Vata
  3. Kaphaamla


Amla is undoubtedly a source of nutrients. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals which aren’t only beneficial for the well-being of our body but are also important to prevent and control some of the most common and most widespread diseases. Whether raw eaten, juice, powder or simply added to a variety of cucumbers, jam, sauces or spreads – including amla in your diet can be healthy for you.


According to the head of the clinical nutritional adviser Fortis Escorts Hospital Dr. Rupali Datta, “Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, it protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. It helps to slow down the aging process and is necessary for the production of collagen, to keep the skin soft, also for healthy hair and supports the immune system.”

One of the most effective ways to add amla juice to your diet is to dilute with water every day on an empty stomach. It helps in digestion and maintains your skin clear. It is also beneficial for your healthy hair and good eyesight. Amla juice can be a little unpleasant in taste but it has a lot of health benefits. Some of the amazing benefits are mentioned below:

Benefits of Amla Juice

 amla juice

Powerful Tool to Treat Cough, Flu, and Ulcers

According to a weight management expert based in Delhi, Dr. Gargi Sharma, Amla juice can be considered a powerful tool to treat a cough and home remedy for flu and ulcers in the mouth. Two teaspoons of Amla juice with equal parts of honey every day is great in the treatment of colds and cough. Mix two teaspoons in water and gargle twice daily to get rid of ulcers in the mouth.

Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Regular consumption of Amla juice helps lower cholesterol levels. Amino acids and antioxidants help in the overall functioning of the heart.

Better Control of Diabetes

It is also useful to control of diabetes and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Strengthen the Digestive System

According to Mr. Ashutosh Gautam, Director of Clinical Operations and Baidyanath Coordination of the Alkaline Nature, Amla helps to cleanse the system and strengthen our digestive system.

Releases Toxins

Amla is excellent for maintaining your liver functions and it also releases toxins from the body.

Rich in Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus

In addition to vitamin C, Amla is also rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and can be taken as a complete nutritional drink.

Prevent Hair Loss

“Our hair structure is about 99% of protein. Amino acids and proteins helps in hair growth as well as prevent hair loss and strengthen the root of your hairs,” said Dr. Gautam.

Best for Your Skin

“Soak a cotton swab to fight the marks, pigmentation, and stains on your face. Amla juice helps the melanin and closes the pores “to oxidize,” said Gautam.

How to Have This?

It is better to take amla juice in the morning. Dissolve a small portion (20-30 ml) in a glass of water. You can use some lemons in your juice and mix honey in it for better taste. Amla juice mixed with jamun and karela (bitter gourd) is better to manage diabetes. For those who struggle with high cholesterol levels and hair problems, amla juice in combination with aloe vera juice is an excellent choice. It also helps to detoxify the harmful effects of junk food. It is a powerful elixir packed to fight against most of our health problems every day. Just try it, you’ll be surprised.

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