How to hack Facebook Account Password Easily

How to hack Facebook Account Password Easily For Free without Downloading Software

Facebook is the largest social media platform even it is bigger than Google’s social media Orkut and not Google Plus. It is not only used for sharing social activities but it is also become a big platform for online business. Different sellers have their brand pages on Facebook to expand their sales dramatically and bloggers also use Facebook to get relevant and targeted traffic for their blogs from their fans pages on Facebook. So in short it’s not just a social media platform but also a place to earn money and that is why people try to hack Facebook account password to get access to other’s accounts.

From Google keyword planner or other keyword researching tool you can check that there are many people who want to know how to hack Facebook account password. You can also find different websites offering Facebook hacking tool for free while others will claim to hack Facebook password online.

But let me tell you that there is no online tool for Facebook hacking and you can’t login to Facebook account without password as many video tutorials on YouTube claims so. But yes you can find many hackers who claim that they can hack Facebook account password and they can prove as well. But actually they are not hacking the password they ask for the Facebook password from the victim in such a way that victim becomes fool and he himself tells his password to the “hacker”. This technique is called Phishing.

What is Phishing?

You can check Wikipedia or Webopedia for the exact definition of Phishing, but for Facebook phishing it is a method to force a Facebook user to enter his email and password in an application or on another website whose database is in your control and once user enters email and password you can get these details from the database of that application or web page.

How to hack Facebook Account Password for Free:

First of all keep this thing in mind that hacking a Facebook account is illegal and if you try to do so you can be put behind the bars for this criminal act. The purpose of this article is to save you from getting your Facebook account hacked instead of giving you tips on hacking.

So coming back to the point, hackers can hack any FB account password with the help of phishing. As I told you earlier that this is not hacking but a process to make your victim fool so with this method a hacker can’t hack your password unless and until you provide your email and password yourself to that hacker. To hack the password with this method hackers purchase a domain name that looks similar to just like for example or something like this. Then they create web page that is 100% similar to Facebook’s official login page and ask their victim to login to that page. Obviously they can’t force you to login in a simple way so they offers their victims something unique service just like if the victim is in India, the hacker can send an email to victim that claims that now you can use Facebook in full Hindi language just login here. So those victims who actually wanted to use the facebook in Hindi instead of English; they might be trapped with this trick and they can try to login with their email and password. But as this would not be the official login page to again hacker needs to make the victim fool by giving a message that “Sorry this service is not available in your area, just login normally at

So in this way victim will not realized that he has provided his email and password for Facebook account to the hacker and he will keep using his account with same login details and hacker will get that data from the database.

How to avoid Facebook Account Hacking:

Now as you know how to hack Facebook account easily without any software you should be aware of this if someone tries to make you fool. Follow the steps below to avoid Facebook hacking:

  • Always type your email and password after checking the URL in address bar.
  • Make it sure that it is actually
  • Make it sure that there is a green secure lock sign in Google chrome before entering your credentials.

facebook url

For extra security you can also use Facebook security system to synchronize the Facebook login with your mobile number so that if someone gets you email and password he still required to enter a security code that you received on your mobile when signing in from a different location or different device.

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