Top 10 Dinosaur Rolling Suitcase of 2020

If you were planning a vacation for your family and kids, what’s the first thing would you be looking for? Well, a kids rolling luggage. What’s better than a Dinosaur Rolling Suitcase to keep them playful throughout those long flights?

That’s the whole point of having one to begin with. To be able to style your kid’s vacation and keep them playful mood. Making storage easier, is exactly what you would be looking in when buying a dinosaur rolling suitcase.

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Dinosaurs are amongst kid’s favourite animals. They are fascinated by them and their stories. From nursery books to animated cartoons and toys, kids learn something about their favourite animal every day. Is your kid a “dino” fan too? At least my kid is. I found out about it when he came running to me asking for dinosaur rolling bag.

As if the dinosaur toys were not enough, somehow my dinosaur loving kid found out that there are rolling suitcases with a dinosaur on them. It was vacation time and he refused to travel with one of those rolling bags. So, what did I do? Like everyone else, I browsed the internet for the best dinosaur suitcase for my kid.


You won’t believe the wide array of these suitcases that was available in the market. It took me some time but I was successful in narrowing down to some top models. Let’s go ahead and look at these options so that you don’t have to go through the same trouble I did.

Top Dinosaur suitcase bags for your kid

Saving you a nightmare, here are my personal top picks of kids dinosaur suitcases. They may vary in size, price and packaging but one thing that’s common is the dinosaur prints.

1. KidKraft Rolling Luggage – Dinosaur Rolling Luggage.

Kidkraft had been a pioneer in producing some amazing kid’s products and their dinosaur printed kids rolling luggage is instant attraction for the kids. With the cool design and spacious build there only have been good reviews about the bag.

When you are looking for functionality, kid friendly and excellent quality dinosaur rolling suitcases online. This would definitely be our editor’s pick. You could go anywhere form Nana’s house to a vacation in Florida with this kids rolling suitcase.


  • Good plywood body
  • Multiple pockets for every itsy bitsy stuff of your kids.
  • Provides enough space with dimensions of 12 x 5 x 8.5 inches.
  • Strong and large zippers on both the pockets.
  • Adjustable handles fit for hour everyday growing kid.
  • Skate wheels for maximum portability.


  • PBuild quality is good
  • PLarge and spacious.
  • PPerfect for long and short trips.
  • PCute designs that kids will fall into.


  • OA little expensive.
  • OLarge in size so your kid might not be able to carry it with all the weight.
  • OA little heavy compared to other bags.

2. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

Spacious, fun and durable the Stephen Joseph classic rolling luggage with dinosaur print is a grab. The price, you might think is high, however, looking at the supreme design quality and overall built, it is worth every money you spend. The brand has focused on minute details and made the bag look premium.

Keeping your child’s comfort and safety in mind Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage has brough you another travel wonder.


  • Made of polyester and 100% nylon cloth
  • Side pockets and extra front pockets
  • Flexible handle balances right with your kids height
  • Spacious dimensions of 8.5 x 18 x 14.5 inches
  • Lightweight, only 2.51 pounds.


  • PEasily carried by the kids
  • PPrint is strong and doesn’t comes off easily
  • PMultiple colours accounting for a fun design


  • OLittle heavy on the pocket
  • OWheels are made of plastic hence, long life is questionable.

3. Wildkin Rolling Luggage

When the bag has dinosaur printed all over it, your kid will look no further and just go with it. Yes, Wildkin rolling luggage has all your kids favourite dinosaur printed on it. Although it might not be the perfect choice for long travels, it is apt for your kids daily travel stuff.


  • Long telescoping handle
  • Wheel to wheel zip to fit the biggest still in smallest of the space.
  • Water resistant and durable built
  • Multi purpose- for school and trips.


  • PDesigned perfectly for your kid to carry it to their school
  • PDesign looks premium
  • PAdjustable handles
  • PMesh side pockets


  • ONo mentioned warranty on the product
  • ONot fit for long travels, less space.

4. Lttxin Kids’ Luggage 18 inch Polycarbonate Carry On Rolling Suitcase Hard Shell (Cute Dinosaur-Perfect Printing)

The strongest suitcase for your badass kid, Lttxin roller suitcase is perfect for never ending vacations. You might be concerned about the price, too much it may seem, but there isn’t another bag with such features in the market currently.

Going for a vacation to the outback’s. Need a kids rolling suitcase that sustains the travel? This is the perfect choice for your little one on the wanderlust.


  • Hard shell case
  • Scratch proof
  • Lightweight at just 6.15 pounds
  • Aluminium telescopic handle
  • Coded locks


  • PAll your kids stuff is safe with the inbuilt lock
  • PThe brand provides 3 years of warranty which is a plus
  • P4 wheels for maximum mobility
  • PSpacious enough to fit all your kids items for a long trip.


  • OPrice is a little too high
  • OSingle zip, not a lot of cabinets.

5. Kreative Kids Adorable T-Rex Rolling Backpack w/Shiny Eyes.

Kreative Kids Adorable T-Rex rolling backpack is perfect for your little one. The best part is a removable soft toy (T-Rex) that comes with the bag. So your kid can carry his favourite dinosaur where he travels.

What better way to gift your kid a backpack and a toy. Perfect as your kids first travel bag. Also, great when traveling you need to pack those extra jammies and toys for your little one.


  • Removable soft toy
  • High quality plush built
  • Multi functional, can be used as a backpack
  • Handle locks for positions at the perfect height
  • Very light at just 1.5 pounds


  • PHigh portability; your kids can easily carry them around
  • PSafe for children in every aspect
  • PA stuff toy your baby won’t get enough of.


  • OFor a price range one can opt for a more spacious model if space is your concern
  • ONot a lot of space

6. Disney the Good Dinosaur Rolling Backpack with Wheels Small Blue

Everyone’s favourite, Disney has always collaborated with brands to convert some of their most loved animations into merchandise for kids. This time around they produced their own brand of rolling backpack with one of their most beloved cartoon characters, Good Dinosaur.

So, if you are looking for the rolling suitcase that fits your bill and your kids comfort then this is the perfect pick for you this vacation.


  • 100% polyester
  • Flexible handles
  • Multiple zip lines and side pockets
  • Lightweight at just 2.15 pounds


  • PBest for carrying your kids school books.
  • PHandles designed to adjust with your kids height
  • PSkate wheels
  • PAffordable pricing.
  • POfficial Disney product


  • OLack of space
  • OThe design on the bag can easily be scratched
  • OBuilt is not so strong

7. X-tag 2 Pcs Kids Carry on Luggage Set 18″ Rolling Suitcase and 13″ Backpack Dinosaur

Another one of those funky yet sturdy kids suitcases. It’s a multifunctional bag that comes with both a backpack and suitcase. It pricy but it’s large. The backpack can be easily used for daily travels and the large suitcase is perfect for long vacations.


  • 4 wheels for 360 degree rotation
  • Large suitcase size- 18 inch (31*21*40cm
  • Add on bag size- 13 inch (25cm*12cm*32cm)
  • Waterproof body


  • PThe add on bags is helpful for any last minute packaging.
  • PFunky design
  • PAdjustable handles
  • PStrong case
  • PSpacious


  • OToo costly
  • ONot unisex, only for boys.

8. MOREFUN 2 Pcs Kids Travel Luggage Set 18” Carry on Luggage and 13” Backpack

Similar to the previous one, Morefun also produces some of the best quality travel luggage suitcases. The add-on backpack and spacious suitcase hits all the desired targets and makes it a complete package. When planning for long trips a lot of times our kids have more stuff to carry then we do. Their toys, multiple clothes and what not. Hence, a bag like this is always good to have.

So, take tis to any of your trips whether a road trip or a flight, you will find comfort and child friendly features clubbed in one luggage.


  • Waterproof body
  • Soft Rubber exterior and high quality polyester interior
  • Wheels on all four corners for better pulling experience for the kids
  • Printed kids dinosaur design

High quality aluminium handle


  • PLightweight backpack and suitcase
  • PAdjustable handle
  • PLarge zips


  • OExpensive
  • OThe small backpack does not have a lot of space and just a single zip

9. Disney the Good Dinosaur Rolling Backpack

Another cute rolling bag from Disney. This is an absolute grab for your baby. Cheapest amongst all the other mentioned bags, Disney’s Good Dinosaur Rolling backpack is for every dino loving kid.


  • Adjustable handle
  • 100% polyester
  • Extremely light


  • PLong zipline.
  • PCute print
  • PPerfect for everyday use


  • ONot so much durable when compared to other bags.
  • OLittle space, so not built for long trips

10. Wildkin Rolling Suitcase

Last but certain not the least, Wildkin Rolling suitcase is affordable and spacious. Comes in 6 different colour variants allowing your kid to choose his favourite colour along with his favourite animal. My friend just gifted this to his 3 year old son. Got a good deal off Amazon.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Long adjustable handle
  • 100% polyester
  • Dimensions of 22 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Skate wheels
  • Interior mesh organizer
  • Multiple color options


  • PSpacious
  • PDurable
  • PKids can tag along with other products of Wildkin like lunch box and sleeping bags along with the bag
  • PCute design
  • PLightweight
  • PAffordable


  • OAdjusting the handles can be a task

Things to remember When Buying a Rolling Suitcase

One of the first few things you would be doing before packing for a vacation with kids, would be where to take their stuff.

How to pack their things. Your kid’s clothes, jammies, pullovers etc. Then there is the part that needs to be important to you, is how easily you can carry their luggage. That is where kids rolling suitaces come in to play.

A rolling suitcase would make sure it is easy to carter and your kid would be super excited to have their own colourful dinosaur rolling suitcases with them. So, before planning your next trip having a good look at the kinds of rolling suitcases available would be a good start.


Here are a few things, you would want to make a note of before travelling with kids:

  • Whether it is a kids rolling suitcase or not
  • How long will you and the kids be away?
  • Is the suitcase delivering in long trips?
  • Do they have easy quick access handles?
  • Are they child friendly?
  • Can your kids pull the luggage?
  • How many internal compartments are there?
  • How many external compartments are there?
  • Does it have auto lock?
  • Is the rolling suitcase fabric child friendly?
  • Are there any sharp edges?

So, the next time you are planning a long vacation, you now can easily decide the kind of suitcase that would be ideal for your child and also you. Travelling with children is not easy so luggage comfort and quality matters.

Buyer’s Guide for Dinosaur Rolling Suitcase

Suitcases, carry-ones, and other carry gadgets look very similar but, not all can maintain the same level of quality and aesthetics. They can vary from the most significant details to even the slightest ones.

In case of children, they are more inclined towards the visual appeal. Here’s where a dinosaur rolling suitcase comes into play. It not only gets the kids excited but also plays a vital part when it comes to comfort and easy transportation.

When buying one, it is necessary to consider some essential features that are very often neglected.

Well, the considerations are certainly not the same when buying a kids dinosaur suitcase, for your child. So, give this buying guide a read, and you’ll know what you need to consider when buying one.


This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a rolling dinosaur suitcase. You need to decide the size and weight according to the length of your trip, as well as the restrictions implied by the airline you are traveling through. The little life dinosaur suitcase comes in only one size; hence, a fixed weight. When buying, it is vital to take note that with your chosen case, your luggage, when adds up with the case’s weight, it shouldn’t be overweight as implied by the airlines.


This is one of the best characteristics. The size should be examined very well before choosing a suitcase, especially for kids. You wouldn’t certainly want his traveling bag to be bigger than him. A wrong choice with the suitcase can disturb your child’s traveling fun and can make you uneasy too.


The number of wheels and their quality is an important thing to examine while buying a rolling suitcase. The fantastic dinosaur rolling luggage is equipped with two wheels. The age of your kid and luggage volume can directly affect this choice.

If you intend to pack heavy items in your kid’s dinosaur suitcase then, two wheels can destabilize it, causing it to topple very easily. Or, if your kid is in experiencing his hyperactive days, then low-quality rubber wheels are a severe drawback. Take special care with the choice of wheels.


Remember that the suitcase should be less bulky and have more carrying capacity. Luggage capacity is a significant detail to take care of if you intend to make an equal or less than 20 liters of luggage, congratulations because dinosaur suitcase is an ideal option.


Suitcase handles can be a considerable discomfort at times. Since here it concerns your child, it is an even bigger consideration. Before buying, you must inquire about the grip and the comfort of the wrist the handle offers. Move the case around the shop for a bit, and you’ll get an idea.

Talking about the kids’ dinosaur luggage, it has a double-sided padded telescopic handle that enhances gripping, and your child has unlimited fun while carrying his luggage.


The market has two types of suitcases available in the market, the soft ones, and the hard ones. The hard ones have a higher endurance level, while the soft ones are more comfortable. It is relatively vital to consider the type of side you want your suitcase to have because the polycarbonated shell suitcases are even lighter than most of the softer luggage bags.

Final Verdict

From their diapers to multiple changes of clothes, matching shoes and toys, there is so much stuff that you need to take along with you when planning a trip. A dedicated suitcase for your kid is almost a necessity. Gift your little one his favourite dinosaur backpack. Hoping these options will narrow down your options and allow you a comfortable select.