Fingerling reviews

It is often said that everyone is a kid at heart and the spark for toys just never goes away. This is the main reason the fingerlings are in high demand. No matter if you are a kid or the adult with the kid-ish choices, the toy makes a perfect companion. Remember the time when you would feel along and hug your teddy? Well, just like that, you can keep the fingerling with you to be your companion once you step out of the home.

Fingerlings are the small interactive toys that can be moved by voice, sound, and touch. They can even give you the much-needed hugs, talk to you, and blink at you to make you feel better about having a person with you. Some fingerlings come with the fun language which is a delight to talk to and the aesthetic colors are to die for. Many people have been opting for these interactive little toys topped with top-notch designs and they have been doing nothing but rave about them. In this article, we have rounded up our most favorite fingerlings which have become an absolute favorite of everyone who has a childish heart.

So, buckle up and get ready to be cozy with your new companions because we assure you, you won’t be able to hold yourself back!

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Two-Tone Monkeys

Let us take you down the memory lane when our parents would take us to the zoo, and we would feed the monkeys with bananas, well ever since then, we have been hooked to the monkeys. We haven’t been able to get enough of the monkeys and if you can relate, these 2-tone monkey fingerlings will make an apt thing to be wrapped around the finger. This monkey is named Eddie and once you get it, you are going to have so much fun with it.

This money is apt for the kids aged above 12 years old, and once again, the people with the heart of a kid can enjoy it all the same. Eddie is compact enough to be swaddled up in your hand. These are the interactive toys that are manufactured for you to adopt them. These monkeys have receptors for touch, sound, and motion. To make it fun, the company has added fourteen ways to play it with. The monkey’s head has a bunch of hair that you can nudge and you will hear the monkey’s squeaky laugh.

These monkeys love to play around in the fingers, and once they are hanged, they will get on their monkey track in no time. If you pet them, they will fall asleep, and twirling them will make them laugh. Want to have more fun? Buy two of them and watch them talk to each other and give you the ultimate entertainment.


  • PIt can be wrapped around the finger
  • PReceptors for motion, sound, and touch
  • PFourteen play ways
  • PBunch of cute hair on the head
  • PThe monkeys laugh, twirl, and sleep


  • OToo pricey for a toy

See-Saw Playset

This fingerling comes with two monkeys; Milly and Willy which are designed to have fun by monkeying around and giving you the time of your life with their wiggle waggle. The first one is Milly, who is purple and sports the blue hair, while Willy is colored blue and aces the purple hair like a champ. This see-saw set can be managed and controlled through the crank. This crank gives them the freedom to monkey around while keeping them seated on the see-saw.

This see-saw uses the battery cells to have fun, and the best part is that batteries are included in the set. The monkeys are pretty intuitive as they can chat with you, giggle upon twirling, and hand around the tails to be putting up shows for you. This fingerling has receptors for motion, touch, and sound. Once you buy them, you won’t be turning your head away as these cuties will turn heads, giggle their hearts out, and blink at with all the adoring in the world.

This set is perfect for kids aged from five years old to fifteen years old. The size is around 12 inches and the lightweight feature is perfect to put it in the lap and play their way around!


  • PTwo aesthetically designed monkeys
  • PCrank is used for controlling the see-saw
  • PBatteries are included
  • PThe monkey blink, giggle, laugh, turn the heads, and twirl
  • PCompact size and lightweight


  • OBatteries aren’t reliable and will need replacement after some time

Baby Unicorns

Who doesn’t like the sprinkle of magic and tootsie in their life, and if you aspire to have a similar experience, these baby unicorn fingerlings are the perfect option to pass the time and make a companion for alone time. Unicorns might be the mythical creatures but they are all the rave today where people are talking about throwing away the sparkle and unicorn adds to it. This unicorn fingerling is named Gemma and loves to stick to the fingers.

This baby unicorn has receptors for touch, noise, and motion. To add intuitive features, the baby unicorn will blink her adorable eyes and turn the head away to communicate the feelings. If you feel immense love for her, blow her a kiss and she will kiss you back, how adorable! You can pet the unicorn and rock her to make her sleep while she clings to your fingers. This unicorn comes with the miniature tail and a mane which you can brush and she will blink her adorable eyes at you which are sure to melt your heart.

Gemma makes cute noises to make you fall in love with her miniature self of 5 inches. This is apt for kids aged from five years old to fifteen years old!


  • PCringes to the finger perfectly
  • PReceptors for touch, noise, and motion
  • PBlinks the eyes and turns the head away to communicate about different feelings
  • PKisses back if you blow a kiss
  • PComes with mane and a tail which can be brushed
  • PCompact and lightweight


  • ONone

Aimee & Her Jungle Gym

Ever since we started playing with the monkeys in the zoo, we all have dreamt of having one at the home who would always play and melt our heart with his monkeying. Well, this fingerling is designed to give ample playing equipment to the baby monkey while giving you a perfect pastime. This monkey is named Aimee and is colored with pink hues, and the cute blue hair is sufficient to make you nudge her all the time.

Aimee has a little jungle gym of her own,and when she sits at the top of it, it makes her glee with joy, and you can hear her giggling. When she is in play mode, she will swaddle here and there with her tail. There are touch, movement, and noise receptors which make Aimee the most interactive and intuitive fingerling ever. She tends to follow you and gain your attention with her cute giggles. She has blinking eyes and will turn the head away to tell about her feelings.  Once she crawls on to your finger, she wouldn’t let go but when she’s done, she will play with her purple jungle gym.

This set is apt for the kids aged from five years old to fifteen years old and is only 1.35 pounds,which can be carried around easily!


  • PPink hued monkey with blue hair
  • PComes with the jungle gym
  • PHangs to the jungle gym with the tail
  • PComes with motion, touch, and sound receptors
  • PBlinking eyes
  • PLightweight
  • PCrawls on the finger


  • OThe coating on the hands peel off

Sloth Babies

There is no doubt in saying that fingerlings are the most interactive and fun thing to have time pass with. But when it comes to choosing multiple designs, sloths are the perfect babies to be crawled up on the finger. These miniature sloths will give you all the hugs you want and provide the love you need. This baby sloth is named Marge,who loves to laugh, and her laughs will take your worries away. Marge has receptors for sound, motion, and touch. She will blink her eyes at you and when you swaddle her, she will turn the head away.

You can pet Marge, hold her upside down through the tail, and rock her to sleep to see how she reacts. If you blow her a kiss, she will return the kiss in no time, which ought to take your heart away!


  • PCan be crawled on the finger
  • PGives hugs
  • PMarge laughs, giggles, and turn the head
  • PReceptors for sound, touch, and movement
  • PEye blinking
  • PKisses back upon blow of a kiss


  • ONone