How to Set A Mousetrap?

What do you do whenever you see mice roaming around in your house freely, climbing up the curtains and spoiling all the things around? Do you keep them as pets or try to get rid of them? According to the picture portrayed by cartoon and movies, we have seen mice as cute beings who often solve missions and mysteries. But that is not what happens in real life. Considering realism, a mouse can be responsible for spoiling food as well as spreading diseases. So let’s explore how to set a mousetrap.

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Discard Unwanted Items from The Packaging

A staple binds the snapping wire originally with the wooden base of the mousetrap. To initiate the process, you first need to unwind the snapping wire from the wooden block. For this, you are required to discard the staple so that the wire is allowed to stretch back.


Place the Bait of Your Choice

You can opt for any bait which you think would attract the mice. You should ensure that the bait which you choose must not just be kept on the trigger but must be affixed to it. It should be placed in a way that it does not drop off when the mouse comes to engulf it. The bait should be placed far away from the spring. The best bait for mice is often peanut butter, but this topic is negotiable. Some think that sunflower seeds are the best bait for mice as mice have a special affection towards sunflower seeds.


Make A Few Changes

Stretch the wire backwards and put a lock above it. Attach lock’s end with the trigger and move your hand away from the snap wire in a gentle manner. The trigger will then move upwards which would consequently seal the mousetrap and keep it fixed.

Keep the Mousetrap at The Right Place

 It is advised that mousetraps should be placed near the wall so that mice are more likely to be caught. The position of the mousetrap must be perpendicular to the wall, and the side of the mousetrap which holds trigger must be near the wall and the mousetrap must face the wall that way. Mice are fond of moving near the walls so this mousetrap would work effectively. Also, one should keep it out of reach of children.


Get Rid of The Mouse Now

Once you are successful in catching the mouse, you can no longer wait to get it removed from the trap. What you can do is dump both the mouse and its mousetrap altogether in the bin once who have caught them. If you wish to use the same mousetrap over and over again, you can take the mousetrap along with the mouse closer to the bin, and then stretch the snap wire up so the mouse could be thrown inside the bin. That tells you how to set a mousetrap and get rid of mice in your house effectively.


Removing mice from your house is not that difficult if you are aware of how to set up a mousetrap. You can place any of baits on the trigger which you find suitable to attract mice. Chocolate too is sometimes called the best bait for mice, but there is still a debate about it.