Top 7 Best Lockable Mini Fridges

Are you are in a university hostel? Or you are looking for cooling accessories that help you to keeps food and drinks in at the hostel or office? then you are right place. In the world, everybody wants something that preserves their favourite foodstuffs and beverages on a winter night or a hot summer day. Mini refrigerators are the best devices that come in a compact design and accommodate in small space. A Lockable mini fridge with key and lock can easily carry while switching from one destination to another. It also the best choice if you are searching for the best gift ideas. It is a complete and detailed guide of the best mini fridge available on the market. The article focuses on the pros and cons of each item. It also focuses on the buyer guide that consists of factors that should consider while buying the best mini-fridge.

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What is a mini-fridge with a lock?

The mini-fridge is the appliances that can easily portable because of compact size and handy nature. I used this amazing product while living in a hotel during my university year. These mini-fridges can be used in dorms, homes, shops, offices and hotel rooms. These compact accessories can easily be kept in the room and easily portable from one place to another.

Lockable Mini Fridge: Here Is a List OF Top 7 Mini Fridges:

The following list of mini-fridge shows the best mini fridge of 2020. You can choose the best one after checking the features offered by the product. So, now we begin with the list.

1. Whynter CUF-210SS Energy Freezer

This is one of the compact design fridges that comes with a sleek stainless steel look with a lock. The product offers powerful compressor cooling that gives the best freezing solution. I like this fridge because it is ideal for any small space. It can easily be used in basements, kitchen, and office. The space-saving freezer is specially designed with the flush back that can easily fit against the wall. The freezer features two removable shelves, lock for securing all contents, adjustable thermostat, and stainless steel reversible swing door. The freezer will help to keep energy cost reasonable and offers amazing freezing solutions.

What do I like?

I like the freezer because it offers an innovative and premium-quality design that is ideal for user needs. Whether you are in home, office or yacht, this ideal freezer is an amazing centrepiece of any corner of the room. The freezer comes with the easy to pull out shelves that keep the food is perfect and organized order.

The freezer comes with a stainless steel door that makes it easier to open and close the door after placing food in the freezer. It provides additional security and protection from any unauthorize case.

The freezer will help an individual to keep the energy cost down and offer amazing freezing solutions.

What I don’t like? 

The freezer is pricey and only features the freezer component. There are no basic refrigeration features.

The product maybe a little bit small to hold huge items.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 42-lbs
  • \Unit capacity: 1.1 Cu.ft
  • \Power consumption: 79W
  • \color: Silver

2. RFR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box

If you are looking for the best and quiet mini-fridge, then Red Garage Fridge Tool Box is the perfect option for you. The product is best for workshops, homes, and rooms. The handy and light-weight unit comes with 3.2 feet cube of usable space, two removable wire, drip tray, vegetable crisper, and dispenser. The fridge is riding on the 4-lockable caster wheels. It enables to move the fridge anywhere you want. With the silver and red flashy door, the fridge offers an amazing blend of traditional decoration.

What do I like?

The unit is perfect because it gives me enough space to keep the huge quality of drinks cold for a long time. The capacity of the fridge is up to 24-cans.

The fridge is made of plastic, metal, and polystyrene. The exterior side of the fridge is black and red. The product is well-fitted with silver decals. The model is an amazing conversation piece.

The product can easily be used as a perfect gift for handyman or dad. It looks cool in different places and gives you an amazing blend. The eye-catching design with lockable caster wheels, you can enjoy a lot.

What I don’t like?

I feel that there are some difficulties faced by the individual. The unit can easily be damaged. It is very small to fit the pony keg.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 48-lbs
  • \Unit capacity: 3.2 Cu.ft
  • \Power consumption: 78W
  • \Color: Black/Red

3. Sunpentown UF-150W 1.6 cu.ft. Freezer

I purchase this product for my friend who got job promotion in recent weeks. The lockable mini freezer is a white freezer that is capable to cool the temperature to 0-degree Fahrenheit. It offers the best optimal circumstances hat keeps everything cools and fresh. The product is freestanding and offers a wide range of adjustable possibilities. The door is reversible and it can be used from any side you want. It also offers the best and adjustable leveling gap that used to adjust freezer height.

What I do like?

My friend loves the design and flexibility parts provided by this amazing freezer. The freezer offers the manual defrost function that enables you to decide whatever you want.

The product comes up with a reversible stainless-steel door with the black cabinet. I also like the flush-back design that offers space-saving features. The freezer also comes with slide-out wire shelves that enable you to store whatever you want.

For better temperature control, the product also comes with a mechanical adjustable thermostat. It is good enough if you are looking for a flexible freezer with the lock due to levelling legs.

What I don’t like?

The freezer offers a loud fridge sounded. The compressor hums loudly and also start rattling sometimes. You can hear popping and clicking sound every time the compressor starts or stops.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 35.3-lbs
  • \Unit capacity: 1.6 Cu.ft
  • \Power consumption: 75W
  • \color: Black/silver

4. RCA 1.6 Cubic Foot Fridge

If you are looking for a model that offers unique models hen this product is the perfect one. The product with 1.6 cubic feet capacity, the fridge comes with lots of easy to use features. The product comes with a compressor that makes drinks and food fresh and well-design cooked. The product comes with a reversible door that can easily be open and close either in direction. The adjustable thermostat is an amazing heat and temperature control features. The door basket also holds 2-liter bottles.

What I do like? 

The main features of the model are the highlights that include a reversible door, adjustable temperature control and flush back. The door shelves allow the individual to allows for easy storage. It also comes with a complete ice-cube tray. The product is made from metal, plastic, and polystyrene.

The colour of the body is light blue with the silver cute trimming. The product comes with an eye-catching design. The product is small and can easily be fit in any corner. The product comes with better value and fine construction.

This is an amazing freezer that suits with all of the individual needs. You can easily impress friends with the best and gorgeous mini-fridge. The freezer is best for bedroom, and dorm room. It gives enough space to store foods and drinks amazingly.

What don’t like? 

Many people report that the fridge is suited to their needs but has some complain related to the compressor noise. It is a compact design that would not appeal to each need.

In case when space is a major problem, then this unit is perfect for you.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 33.6-lbs
  • \Unit capacity: 1.6 Cu.ft
  • \Power consumption: 76W
  • \Color: Blue

5. Cooluli Mini Fridge

If you are looking for a lockable mini-fridge, then Cooluli Mini Fridge is the perfect option. The product is a stylish and convenient design fridge that is a great way to keep food and other foodstuff or drinks. Inspite of compact design, the product also offers you to boast 17-liters storage capacity. The mini-fridge is ideal for offices, guest houses, and lounges. The machines use the best thermoelectric technology that comes with whisper-quiet cooling and effective fan. It is a quieter fridge that gives adorable results for long-term periods. The product also offers a small carbon footprint that provides 0.39 Wh in 24-hours. With the help of removable shelf and interior light, the product can be used at home, drome’s or in hostels.

What do I like?

I like the product because it is perfect for the countertop. It comes with rubber feet that help to keep the freezer steady. The manual thermostat and sleek-back finish make the product awesome. It also comes with a free lock that gives you the best opportunity to lock the door.

With the wide range of temperatures of 5-18 degrees centigrade, the fridge is ideal for chilling the wide range of bottles and cans. The product comes with an additional shelf unit and a removable inner shelf.

The quiet fridge offers interior light as well as a lock for better convenience. The product also offers thermoelectric cooling technology that gives efficient design.

The small mini-fridge comes with a 1-door shelf and a 1-removable shelf.

What I don’t like?

Some reviewers complained that noise that comes from the fridge is much louder. Some quality issues faced by some amazon customers.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 4.85-lbs
  • \Unit capacity: 1.6 Cu.ft
  • \Power consumption: 50W
  • \color: White

6. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Are you searching for the best and quiet mini-fridge? If yes then this product is the right option for you. The fridge is great for home, car, dorm, boat, and office. The portable and compact design fridge really works for you. This lightweight design can act as a mini cooler and warmer that features the self-locking latch, and a removable shelf that can be designed for better portability. It can be fit anywhere and you can just grab it and go anywhere you want. The fridge offers you a temperature range of 32-degree Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of the switch flips. The well-insulted interior can hold temperatures easily.

What do I like?

I like the product because it is an eco-friendly product that is manufactured with the best thermoelectric technology. The fridge uses advanced technology that is free from refrigerants and CFCs. The product is perfect for the environment.

The freezer also included 1 AC for the wall outlets, 2-detachable power chords, and 1-DC for the cigarette lighters. You can use the product at your home or on a road. The product is ETL certified and gives you efficient, safe and high-quality applicants anytime.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • \Power: 60W
  • \Color: Black
  • \Unit capacity: 0.15 cubic feet

7. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact

If you are the one who is looking for the best lockable mini-fridge, then Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact is an awesome choice. It is the best mini-fridge for office and home. The product comes with two variants i.e. single and double doors with variance in sizes. One of the unique things about the product is that it allows changing either side and customizable in nature. The product is 100% effective and always provides you quality work at any time. The refrigerator offers a silent and quiet operation and is an ideal accessory for office or dorm. You can also preserve ice only. It is unable to make ice for you because it does not come up with a freezer.

What I do like?

The product was purchased by me for my wife. It is designed by keeping in mind the better affordability and efficiency in mind. The product can chill and freeze all kinds of desired food items.

The product can easily be compressed in tight spaces without any improper heat flow that can affect functioning. The compact design fridge comes with 3-color variants white, stainless steel, and black. It is the best and most reliable mini-fridge of our list.

It can save energy as well have low noise. The product comes with a separate compartment that is perfect for extra chilling. The technology offered by the fridge is environmentally friendly. It is the best option for small spaces.

What I do not’ like?

The chilling compartment is a little bit small. It doesn’t have enough space for storing many items. The single door variant doesn’t make ice and can’t store the frozen food items.

Product details:

  • \Weight: 34.6 pounds
  • \Power: 45W
  • \Color: Black
  • \Unit capacity: 1.6 cubic feet

Tips to keep in mind before purchasing a mini-fridge:

Before buying the best fridge, you should keep in mind the following things:

  1. A) Size

The size of the mini freezer is small as compared to the regular one. But choosing the perfect size depends on your need and for what purposes it can be used. If you only want to use it for cooling drinks, then smaller size mini-fridge is perfect because it has only shelves for cooling purposes.

  1. B) Adjustable shelves: 

If you want to make the better use of min fridge, then you should choose the brad that comes with adjustable shelves. It is so because adjustable shelves give you the best way to organize various food items in the perfect way and give you enough space.

  1. C) Door type:

The mind fridge comes with a single, double and reversible door option. Depending on your needs, you should choose the one that gives you a better optionality to enjoy every moment.

  1. D) Warranty 

Warranty is an important factor that never ignores in case of any electrical appliances. Before purchase, you should properly check the warranty provided by the brand so that you never face any problem, in your future.

  1. E) Noise:

The mini-fridge makes some noise. Ensure to check where the accessory placed by you. IF the fridge is not properly placed on a level floor, then it makes a huge noise.

  1. F) Locks

If you are purchasing the mini-fridge, then always choose the one that gives better locking options to keep your foodstuff safe.


We hope you have learned here everything about the best lockable Mini Fridges. There are lots of options here to choose the best option. If you are looking for a portable fridge, then these fridges are best for you. Good luck with your tailgating, sales, and camping and enjoy much at your home or on a picnic. The above-mentioned products with features and buyer guide will help to decide the best fridge for you. If you want to buy the mini-fridge, then always purchase the one that gives you a better opportunity to enjoy cooling moments. We hope you enjoy this amazing guide. If you need ay detail, then let us know. We are always there to help you.