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Top 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Top 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Top 12 Luggage Brands in the World | Updated List 2019 |

When it comes to traveling, having all your travel checkpoints are important. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love traveling right? And, one of the most important travel checks we cover is the luggage we carry.

So, my list of top 12 luggage brands in the world is also equipped with detailed smart travel hacks to make sure you are buying the best one on the market at the best price too. My luggage buyer’s guide is geared to solve all those nail-biting minor anxiety attacks before packing for that very special trip.

Your travel luggage will largely depend on where you are going and for how long. Because carry a long trip suitcase for a 2-day conference is just insane. It is also just as insane to carry a tiny carry on to your long vacation. Then comes the most important part and that is where. Chances are depending on where you are going, you will pick your luggage accordingly.

Especially keeping the climate into consideration. So, if you are a massive traveler, you need to have a suitcase that speaks your language too. And, all of that depends on the label you choose to go with.

To make your travel checklist easier, here are my top 12 luggage brands in the world list. It is geared to not just tell you everything you need to know about the leading labels but also choose one of them for your next trip.

But, here is the thing in choosing your next luggage partner, trying to save 2 pennies, don’t miss out on quality. If you are looking for something durable then go for the label.


Top 12 Luggage Brands in the World

In 2019 when the world is booming in economies, it’s hard to find the right label that sticks with you. So, to help you narrow down your choices here is also the best luggage brands for international travel.

Just like any other thing we buy, you can choose your luggage according to the functionality or the looks. Whichever it is, if it serves your purpose then it is the right one. There are so many kinds of luggage fit for a varied range of travel purposes.

You get to choose them accordingly without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Or, if you are in those devilishly pretty and elegant fancy luxury luggage labels, then why not! Go for a $1500 one too.

So, to make your choices more uninformed, I have listed them according to their features and their price tags that set each and every one of these brands apart. You can make an ideal pick for yourself as per your travel needs too.


  1. DelseyTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Delsey is a very French brand. And, like everything French, its quality is top notch. Founded in 1946, Delsey has been the travel partner for travelers for around 7 glorious decades now.

A few things you are bound to get from a Delsey luggage is authenticity, durability,and innovation. Making way for all kinds of travels, the heavy one, the spacious one, the light packer. Everyone one of them is bound to find an option with Delsey.

Delsey has proudly boasted over 5 awards and is one of the trendiest adorable labels for luggage globally. Making it earn the top place on our list of top 12 luggage brands in the world.


2. SamsoniteTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Samsonite is actually a story right from the heart of Denver.  Started by Jesse Shwayder of Colorado in 1910, Samsonite was actually called Samson up until 1941. One of the main reasons being Jesse was a religious person. But, who knew all his hard work would produce one of the most famous luggage brands in the word. That goes hand in hand with durability and functionally.

One of the most important things to mention about Samsonite that it is one of those game-changing leading luggage labels that are fairly priced. You have many price ranges to choose from and many designs.

So, you can rest assured that whether it is a long dusty interstate trip or international travel, you can have many options to choose from this pioneer luggage brand.


3. Pierre CardinTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

A French brand that has made affordable look luxurious and that is exactly what Pierre Cardin has done with luggage. Many would say that Pierre Cardin is more of a home brand and their patterned designs are not specifically fit for business travels. But, recently their designs have changed and people no longer judge you for having patterned luggage. If you can carry off their petite designs then be our guest and get yourself one.

When it comes to the features and functionality, you can find everything there. Starting from rolling suitcases to carry ones. Some come in sets for you and you can also choose from an array of individual ones. If there is one thing you may not find is sporty ones meant for hikers. Pierre Cardin will always be a comfortable favorite for those international trips.

Even better is that their suitcases are durable and come with many locking features. All moderately priced for you to choose from.


4. RocklandTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Rockland is mainly set for people who are not frequent travelers. So, if you are looking to impress and make a statement then they are famous for their world class designs. If you are looking for durability and frequent use maybe then Rockland may not be an ideal choice for you.

One of the main reasons why Rockland made our list is simply because of their kid’s selection. They have some amazing designs in the categories for rolling suitcases for kids. And, also they have a section of computer cases that are actually very durable if you carry along your laptop for trips. They are fairly priced so choosing Rockland would pay off for those infrequent trips.


5. American TouristerTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

American Tourister is one of our most well designed and durable luggage brands that is wildly famous everywhere in the world.

They have revived their brands largely from the traditional in-wheelers. They have introduced spinning wheelers and all kinds of soft side patterns. The main demography for American Tourister is people like you and me from all walks of life.

Something simple and approachable and affordable. So, your trip luggage purchase doesn’t break your bank. You are sure to find something for every travel occasion possible.

This is a wildly recognized luggage label having stores across over 50+ countries globally. Starting from India to the Middle East, you are set to find a luggage fit for your next scheduled vacation. American Tourister has also made a name for itself in the functionality department. Producing one of the longest lasting luggage you can find these days. Their price tags start from the entry level to high priced courtier designs.


6. Briggs & RileyTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Briggs & Riley is the label you go for is you are a frequent business traveler. If you are a road warrior looking to travel a lot then Briggs and Riley have engineered the best business designs in luggage for you.

Their luggage also comes with a lifetime guarantee and pioneered for the reality of traveling. So, next time you are looking for luggage that can be your partner for all those twice-monthly business meetings then now you have a label to choose from. Their prices start from $200 and there is no limit after that. They have pioneered 25 years in this industry bringing you durable luggage for business travelers.


7. WallyBagsTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

WallyBags is famous for its garment style bags. And that is exactly the only kind of luggage they manufacture. Many people actually have moved from carrying heavy suitcases to their garment style bags. One of the main reasons behind this shift in luggage preferences is because of the spacious design.

Also, if you are looking for a trendy minimalistic design garment luggage then WallyBags is your destination. You can your favorite sports team or brand imposed on it. Customization is what makes WallyBags really a finer choice for easy and light travelers.


8. TravelProTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

TravelPro is neither cheap nor very costly. Their prices range from somewhere in between. But, here is the kicker about TravelPro, most of their designs are made for heavy and long travels. If you are a frequent flyer or a pilot or an air hostess, TravelPro is definitely your choice to start with.

Comes to in hard side and soft sides, with chic designs, TravelPro gives your airport looks that extra push it needs.

Now I am going to let the cat out of the bag. One of the main reasons why TravelPro excels in making luggage for frequent flyers is because; this company is a brainchild of a Northwest Airlines 747 pilot, Bob Plath. You can only imagine the kind of engineering that goes to their design and durability, given that a pilot who has traveled thousands of miles a week over a long span career is the man bringing you flying durability.


9. Traveler’s ChoiceTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

If you are looking for the premium makes like Beverly Hills Country Club line, then this is exactly where you should be. Beverly Hills Country Club luggage design is elegant, luxurious and gives you that Upper East Side personality every time, you step out with one.

Their Newport Expandable Spinners collection that ranges from $79-$160 come with state of the art design, spinning wheels and a durable hard side cover. Giving your travel goals that professional business look while being jealous worthy stylish.

The entire set comes with a bag strap to making it one of the hottest selling luggage right now.


10. US TravelerTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

The US Traveler collection is set for your long outback vacations through the sturdy interstates. Keeping the journey in mind, they have made hard shells look stylish and durable through the rough journeys.

Now, getting to their designs, if you got the funk up for color sets then US Travelers collection is your ideal pick. Coming to in bright and endless options of colors to

Choose from their single luggage starts at $79.99. And, an entire courtier set can range from $358.99. One of the finest things about their make is how durable their hard shells are yet not giving you the dingy look. Made with carefully chosen user-friendly materials, US travel has clubbed comfort with rough journeys right here.


11. VictorinoxTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

Victorinox is famous for their Swiss Army Knives. That rugged rough designs that make their quality and extensively effective durability stand out. But did you know that they also make luggage?

Victorinox has 6 production lines of products. Starting with their globally famous Swiss Army Knives, Their home use and professional knives, apparel, fragrances, watches and yes! Travel Gear.

It is unbelievably stylish to look at and durable with a lifetime guarantee. Victorinox luggage starts from $159 and comes in sets and single suitcases. They all come with durable hard shell and maneuverability to its maximum in terms of features.

And finally!


12. RimowaTop 12 Luggage Brands in the World

If you put all that the above list of bags is made of, then let’s say they all learned it from RIMOWA. Rimowa is 120 years in the making of durable suitcases. They made their first aluminum trunk in 1937. Revolutionizing durable and lightweight makes in the luggage industry.

They revolutionized in the 1950s how luggage and grooves can get along with amazing innovation in wheels. They introduced polycarbonate hard shell cases. A material and design that all other companies now use for hard-shell suitcases.

But, Rimowa is essentially a luxury luggage label that manufactures trendy and classy billionaire-ish designs for business travelers and luxury travel settlers. Their kid’s line starts at €350. Their prices range from €850 and €1300 the Trunk S.

So, Rimowa is not exactly affordable, but if you want to join the who’s who in the industry and have the money to spare, then why not!


13. Editor’s Tips on Choosing Luggage Online

Of course, a top 12 luggage brands in the world list doesn’t end just there.

This is the part where I actually break down what you would be looking for in terms of choosing your best luggage as your travel buddy. Because, while you are standing at the luggage belt, looking for yours. The last thing you need is it coming outdented and molded with your inners slipping out.

Choosing the right luggage can help you avoid this major embarrassment. Or minor.


14. How Far Are You Going?

The very important thing to decide before going for the luggage choice spree. If it is a long vacation that involves multiple travel routes then going for something durable instead of spunky would be ideal.


15. Travel Routes

Your travel routes determine the material you choose in your luggage hard shells are really good for airport travel. It keeps all your things in place during the heavy handling at the luggage belt.

If you will be on a road trip that needs a lot of transport exchange then go for something lightweight and durable. The soft side luggage on spinning wheels are great for loading and unloading behind a car. For that, you can always go for something Delsey’s luggage. Amazon is a great place to get them too.

If you have kids on board then going American Tourister, would be a good option, as they are easy to maneuver.


16. Luggage Space

Oh, this is an extremely important feature. Look for the ones that have the maximum space with the lightest weight. But Rimowa comes with the best in terms of space. Sadly, they are not cheap.

The whole point is, you would want luggage that holds your things in properly. No matter how hard you travel they don’t just pop out the moment you pull the zipper.


17. Hard Shell or Soft Side?

This is a little tricky. Again going back to my point, your travel routes. It really depends on where and how you will be traveling. But, hard shells protect brittle things far better than hard shells. But, if you are buying a hard shell make sure to invest in a quality label. Cheap labels will give your hard shell suitcase that can crack under pressure.

Now, when it comes to soft side suitcases, they are lightweight and can easily be put in an upper compartment. They are good for road trips and easy to take along. So, if you are not traveling with anything that can get easily dented or break, soft sides are a good option to go with.


18. Does Luggage Size Matter?


The general rule at all airports is, in terms of carrying on, you can’t exceed 42 inches. That includes width and height both. As for the checked in luggage, the maximum you can carry is 62 inches, again both the width and height combined.

But, the best is always to check your airline’s website, for baggage instructions. They will always tell you how big of a bag can you carry for carrying on and checked in. But, note that every airline has its own rules in terms of maximum baggage.

And, if you are traveling abroad, you certainly don’t want to get into an airport and find you that you have to leave your luggage behind. So, always go through your airline baggage instructions then set out to buy your luggage. All airline websites have their baggage instructions u, so you can check for before you even book your ticket.


19. Should I Buy Luggage Online?

Yes to that too.

Unless you really want to buy it from real-time outlets, then you would want to check out the features first hand. Walk around with a little. But, if you like convenience at a click then one of the best places to find excellent deals in terms of luggage are;

Amazon.com and Ebags.com.

You could get everything there staring from duffle bags to business suitcases, briefcases etc.

The whole idea is that your luggage should be convenient for you. If you are a frequent flyer with a knack for strict organizing, check the interiors for proper pouches and purses. If you are the spunky kind the go for the bight patterned ones from Pierre Cardin. You are sure to spot them in a crowded baggage belt.


20. Take Away

In the end, what really matters is that your luggage works for you. Chances are that a hefty designers label may not actually have all the functionality that you want. But, the ones that come for $200-$300 would really last you through a rough trip.

Idea is that you can make the best of your journey while your luggage just enriches it further. So, feel free to click on any of the choices listed above and find your best pick. Something that works for you and your comfort. So, whether it is a simple Rockland or a Victorinox, get the best one that expresses essentially only you on your travel diaries.