15+ Best Personalized Childrens Luggage on Wheels – Expert Review

15+ Best Personalized Childrens Luggage on Wheels - Expert Review

Top 15 Best Personalized Children’s Luggage on Wheels Reviews 2019

If you are looking for the best-personalized Childrens luggage on wheels then you know that there are far too many options for you out there. But, make sure you have spent your money’s worth is what makes it a daunting purchase.

After all, on a vacation even if it is to their grandma’s house, keeping them safe and playful is what matters. Whether it is a simple kids’ rolling suitcase, or a personalized kids luggage on wheels or even a hardshell kids’ suitcase; features and quality is vital.

When it comes to customer reviews on childrens luggage on wheels, I have decided to get in to the deep. Talk to people who have already bought it and have used them myself, to give you a tested and tried review.

My top 15 children’s luggage on wheels are out of the customer reactions and company durability. My Pros and Cons section is built to combine all user data for this product. To help you like many other parents out there to make the right decision this vacation time.

After all, a proper hardshell kid’s suitcase means your kid would be entertained and sufficiently comfortable throughout the journey. And, that only means one thing for parents. Vacation time will be hassle free and happy for you.

Children luggage on wheels is not only a medical relief (back problems from an early age) but also a style statement for the 21st-century Kids. Amongst various brands manufacturing these bags, we are going to look at the top 15. We will be judging them for their overall design, cost, and durability.


List of Top 15 Children’s Luggage on Wheels


1. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling LuggageBuy From Amazon

On top of the list is Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage. Similar to that of an adult luggage bag yet perfectly customized for kids.

You can use them for however far your flight ticket says because with this pretty thing your kids would not want a vacation to get over. Giving your kids the safety and mileage on their luggage you know this will keep them busy.


  • Polyester
  • 100 % nylon
  • Extendable handles and zipper pockets
  • 18″ high x 14.5″ wide


  1. Stylish- The bag is vibrant and designed elegantly for kids. Colors, patterns, and model all depict a voguish imprint that kids will enjoy.
  2. Durable- The bag is durable and fixed to be used by kids. Strong rollers, plastic stands, and polyester exterior designs.
  3. Enough space- There are various compartments and enough large space to fit in clothes, books, toys and other kids products.
  4. Handles- The handles stop at 2 points making it adjustable to kids heights.


  1. Uncomfortable to carry on shoulders: If pulling the bag for a long time hurts your arms and you choose to carry it on your shoulder, the handles and wheels make it really uncomfortable.
  2. Wheels- If the wheels trend of coming off, the bag becomes nothing but an accessory.
  3. Cost- The price is a little too high for just a kids bag. Hence, not everyone would want to go for the bag.
  4. Built- The built is plastic and hard material that can lead to circumstantial accidents.


2. Skip Hop Kids Luggage With Wheels

Skip Hop Kids Luggage With WheelsBuy From Amazon

Another one of the funky luggage bags, Skip Hop kids’ luggage with wheels is perfectly designed for kids of both genders. Let’s throw some light upon what’s good and bad about the bag?

But, with the price this one comes in your know Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels would be a good budget bargain for you.


  • Front zip pocket keeps favorite things in easy reach
  • Removable, adjustable “parent” strap
  • The back loop keeps shoulder strap tucked away
  • Retractable 13-inch handle for easy carry-on
  • Elastic mesh bottle pocket
  • Sturdy poly-canvas fabric
  • Fun matching zipper pulls
  • Signature Skip Hop characters match both Zoo Packs and Zoo Lunchies and the rest of the Zoo line
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free


  1. Design- The cartoon print design really relates to the kids and completely sets itself apart from those dull black and blue bags. Plus, extra efforts are seen into designing ears and nose of cartoon bugs, ants and bees.
  2. Shoulder strap for parents- The Company provides a single shoulder strap for the parents. The strap is removable and adjustable.
  3. Compartments- The bag has a large central compartment for clothes, books and other kids stuff. There is also a front pocket and side bottle carrier designed considering kids needs.
  4. Handle-the strong plastic handles adjusted at a height of 13 inches fits perfectly with kid’s height and lets them carry the bag around with no problems.


  1. Rigid body- The wheels and handles are hard and prone to hurt the kids.
  2. Handle- Kids would find it tidy to pull the handle in, out and adjust its height.
  3. The bag is small- The bag is too small to fit in all of kids stuff. Only a handful of materials can be adjusted into the bag.


3. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boy’s 18″ Hardside Spinner Carry On Luggage

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boy's 18" Hardside Spinner Carry On LuggageBuy From Amazon

More than just wheel luggage, the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol luggage is a spinner. Plus, it’s a Nickelodeon official making it more acceptable among the kids. With a compact functionality, you know you are getting the right features in this product.


  • Material: ABS/Polycarbonate composite
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Pattern Type: Character
  • Height: 18 Inch
  • Width: 12 Inch
  • Depth: 9 Inch
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Quality: High Quality
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Wheels: 4 – 360° Spinner Wheels
  • Handle: Retractable Pull Handle
  • Closure: Zipper Closure

The bag is a show stopper. Here are its pros and cons:


  1. Durability- The bag has a hard- shell surface making it immune to damages and rough usage.
  2. Four Wheels- The bag has four wheels on 4 sides which makes it spin-able. Kids don’t need to take that extra effort into sliding the luggage, a little push will slide the luggage along.
  3. Perfect for Travel- The bag has a huge single compartment making it fit for long journeys and trips.
  4. Design- Official Nickelodeon characters printed beautifully on the bag makes it a spectacle among kids.


  1. Weight- The bag is heavier than usual wheel luggage. The hard plastic body, handle and overall design makes it heavy even before you pack your kids stuff.
  2. Prone to Scratches- The prints are prone to scratches and would begin to wear off quite easily.
  3. 4 Wheels- The four wheels can sometimes make it difficult for kids to adjust and carry it around.
  4. Price- The bag does not come in cheap. It’s almost as costly as a big adult size bag.


4. American Tourister Kids Hardside 18″ Upright, Disney Cars

American Tourister Kids Hardside 18" Upright, Disney CarsBuy From Amazon

One of the largest names in the luggage manufacturing business, American Tourister ties up with Disney to bring children luggage bags. You know you will find a feature for every task you put this kids rolling luggage on wheels too.


  • ABS/PC shell
  • Side-mounted skate wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy dual tube pull handle
  • 10-year warranty
  • 8x13x18

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


  1. Design: The luggage design and animated cartoon print are relatable to kids. The design is well printed and bright colors don’t tend to come off.
  2. Handle: Very easy to use, smooth functioning handles that is fit for kids.
  3. Perfect for Travel: The bag is perfectly suited for long journey and trips. A large enough compartment for all kids stuff.
  4. Portability:  Easy to move and can be used by kids without any hustle.


  1. Price- Yes a bag is something you don’t buy everyday. However, the original price is too high, although you can find it on discount over Amazon.com
  2. Prone to cracks- The body of the luggage can crack if kids jump on it or use it vigorously.  
  3. Kids can get hurt:  Kids being kids can hurt themselves with the hard body and handles.
  4. Not for Daily use- The bag cannot be used by the kids daily. It’s only for long travels.


5. American Tourister Kids Softside 18″ Upright, Disney Mickey Mouse

American Tourister Kids Softside 18" Upright, Disney Mickey MouseBuy From Amazon

Another one of American Tourister luggage products. It’s different because of its built quality. Let’s learn more about the product through the compact features. Apart from that the warranty and the comfort that comes with American Tourister products are unmatchable.


  • Printed polyester with vinyl front
  • In line skate wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy pull handle
  • 10-year warranty
  • 7x12x18


  1. Built- The built quality is extremely good and is perfect for kids. It is made out of a polyester material that is light in weight and makes it less harmful.
  2. Portability- The material of the product accounts for lightweight and hence making it more portable.
  3. Design- the choice of colors and cartoon characters makes it unisex and an attraction to kids.


  1. Body- the body is very susceptible to damage. Scratch, tear, stains and fading colors are among the many kinds of damages that the body can go through.
  2. Size- The luggage is a little large for kids.


6. 18”Kids Dinosaur Luggage, Hard Shell Travel Carry On Suitcase for Boys Children

18”Kids Dinosaur Luggage, Hard Shell Travel Carry On Suitcase for Boys ChildrenBuy From Amazon

Another one of the famous names in the luggage manufacturing business. Hard Shell produces some of the best suitcases for kids. It is geared for long and short stays, and with the colorful outlook, your kids would be playing with it too.

Because, giving your kids this holiday season a dinosaur rolling suitcase is exactly a present they will be looking forward to.


  • New Anti-Scratch Version for durability
  • High-Quality and durable Polycarbonate, ABS and Nylon materials
  • Light Weight Design & Four Multi-directional Wheels
  • Luggage 11.5 x 8.5 x 18 inches, backpack 13.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Large enough for Daycare or Weekend Trips
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee


  1. Durable- Strong overall built quality and the material counts for longer life.
  2. Design- very cartoony and classy at the same time. The design is perfect for kids.
  3. Wheels- The wheels move 360 degrees making the bag free and more portable.
  4. Spacious enough- The large compartment with sub-compartment inside is perfect for all your kid’s
  5. Damage Resistant


  1. Not Unisex- The design tends to appeal more to the boys than girls.
  2. Price- the Company is asking for a lot for a kid’s bag. Not everyone will be willing to pay such amount.


7. Yodo Upgraded Large Convertible 3-Way Kids Rolling Luggage

Yodo Upgraded Large Convertible 3-Way Kids Rolling LuggageBuy From Amazon

Here is a little insight into one of the most famous kids rolling luggage bags manufacturers.


  • BPA free and Phthalate free material
  • Durable 600D Polyester + 210D polyester lining
  • 3-Way Playful Luggage for Kids – a Hand Bag, a Luggage or a Backpack
  • Spacious Compartment with Zip Pocket inside – Measures 11.8 x 7 x 18 inches
  • Padded Front Pouch – Large Pouch for Quick Access
  • Additional Thick Padded Panel at Back Side – Easily Hide the Shoulder Strap
  • Hide-away Wheel Cover with Elastic


  1. Design- The overall design is more kid-friendly. Focuses on having a character with eyes, ears, teeth and more.
  2. Multipurpose- The bag can be used both as a school backpack and as a suitcase.
  3. Spacious- Multiple compartments and large zippers can fit all your kids stuff.


  1. Not big enough- The bag is not big enough to use it for long travel purposes. It can’t hold a lot of stuff all together.
  2. Prone to damage- the bag is not made out of very strong material so stain, tears and more can easily be damaged.


8. Hello Kitty 17 Carry On Luggage

Hello Kitty 17 Carry On LuggageBuy From Amazon

How can we end the list without mentioning everyone’s favorite, Hello Kitty?


  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Luggage Carry on for Girls
  • Extendable Handle
  • Rolling Wheels
  • Great Space and compartments
  • Great for everyday use and all your travel adventures


  1. Design- Very adorable print of Hello Kitty, perfect for girls.
  2. Wheels- Got 2 wheels for maximum mobility and portability.
  3. Space- a large compartment, when opened divided into various another compartment. It can fit in all your kid’s clothes, shoes, books, and toys.


  1. Damage- The wheels can come off or can be scratched easily. The body is prone to tear and scratch.
  2. For girls only- The product is not unisex and is only targeted towards girls.
  3. Handle- The handle is something that can be very difficult for a kid to handle.


9. American Tourister Disney Princess 18″ Upright Softside

American Tourister Disney Princess 18" Upright SoftsideBuy From Amazon

Every dad’s princess is a fan of the Disney Princess. American tourist’s Disney princess line of kids luggage bags is a hit amongst young girls. You can find your inner princess in you any time you want with one of these by your side.


  • Printed polyester with vinyl front
  • In-line skate wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy pull handle
  • Large mesh pocket on interior panel
  • 18x12x7

Here are the highs and lows for this one!


  • The theme- American tourist has perfectly positioned the bag amid little girls. Disney’s famous Princess is a hit amongst teenagers.
  • Spacious- The bag has one huge compartment which further has many division. Enough for all your kids’ belongings for a long trip.
  • The handle and grip- The handle has adjustable height positions that perfectly helps kids drag the bag around.


  • The skate tyres: Made of plastic, the tyres cannot take rough usage. They can easily roughen and probably won’t drag properly.
  • The vinyl print- The print can simply be distorted and prolonged usage of the bag will ultimately lead to faded print job.
  • The built- The body is not solid. It is polyester fabric which is prone to damage.


10. PUQU Monster Truck Design Kids Travel Suitcase Toddler Luggage with Wheels

PUQU Monster Truck Design Kids Travel Suitcase Toddler Luggage with WheelsBuy From Amazon

Designed for your ever energetic kid, this bag is out of the world. PUQU’s luggage bag is a monster truck. Comes to you in amazing design, you can check out the features for yourself.


  • 35″ shoulder drop
  • Retractable metal carrying handle to allow use as a suitcase.
  • Load Affordable :approx. 20KG
  • Capacity: 18litres, It’s spacious enough to storage toddler’s luggage such as clothes, toys and other stuff on your travel.
  • Durable Strap Used for Pulling-The Shoulder Strap Length is 88cm/34.6 inch to make it easy enough to go on a trip with parents.
  • Perfect for planes, trains and automobiles and at home, encourages play and doubles as toy.

Based on my experience and their customer reviews here are the pros and cons.


  • A total kids favourite- The male kids will absolutely love the design and want to ride it home. The design is catchy and attracts kids instantly.
  • Wheels- Designed just like a Monster truck the luggage has four large wheels which makes sliding easy and fun at the same time.
  • Multifunctional- The build quality is strong and allows kids to actually ride the thing. It is not just a luggage bag but a toy for the kids to play with.


  • Covers Too Much Area: Instead of focusing on providing a good enough space for things, the bag is just a huge space consuming toy which the kid will use more to play with then for carrying luggage.
  • Cannot be carried by Kids- Again, the design is enormous. For a kid to move it around is impossible and tiring.
  • Not cheap- The price tag on this little monster truck is monstrous. If your purpose is to get a luggage bag for your kid this might not be the best deal for you.


11. Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage – Frank Fire Truck (Red)

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage – Frank Fire Truck (Red)Buy From Amazon

If your kids dream is to grow up and become a firefighter, the suitcase will fill him with joy. Trunki kids Ride-On firefighter suitcase is best for your young boy.


  • BOREDOM BUSTING – Sit-On, Ride-On, Carry-On; keep toddlers entertained through the airport, at destination and away from home.
  • STRESS LESS – Multi functional strap allows parent to tow tired children on their rolling luggage or conveniently carry over shoulder.
  • HAPPY TRAVELS – Ideal kid’s travel companion for vacations, short breaks, sleepovers and playing at home.
  • CARRY ON – Perfect cabin bag with wheels for little boys and girls (17.5 x 8 x 12.2 inches).
  • 5 YEAR WARRENTY – Award winning design is lightweight, durable and will provide years of play value.


  • Built- The suitcase is made up of strong plastic body that can take even your kids weight. Has low possibilities of damage.
  • Warranty- The luggage comes with a 5 year warranty on the body. So you don’t have to worry about the damages anymore.
  • Making travel stress less- for parents, don’t need to carry their kids and their luggage. Just position them on the fire truck and pull them along using the strap.


  • Price- The price range is high for a kid’s bag and not every mother would be able to afford it for its child.
  • Spacious- You cannot just fold the bag and keep it in a corner. The hard body design occupies space.
  • Not a lot of compartments- There aren’t a lot of compartments in the bag to carry all your kids’ stuff.


12. Obersee Kids Travel Suitcase, Rolling Luggage Piece, Light and Easy To Pull (Flag Heart

Obersee Kids Travel Suitcase, Rolling Luggage Piece, Light and Easy To Pull (Flag HeartBuy From Amazon

Here is another great example of travel suitcase for kids. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Obersee Rolling Luggage bag for kids.


  • Polycarbonate light weight hard side shell
  • Adjustable height pull handle for parents and kids
  • 50×15.60×11.80


  • Spacious- The bag has a hefty amount of spaces for all that your kid can stuff in.
  • Built- The body is made up of very light material which makes it less heavy and more portable.
  • Handle- The handles are perfectly designed to adjust to your kids height. Very comfortable for kids to drag it around.


  • Material of the bag- The bag is made up of polyester that won’t get along with a lot of wear and tear.
  • Wheels- There are just 2 skate wheels which a lot of times makes the bag topple if not dragged in a proper form. Plus the wheels don’t function well on rugged surfaces.
  • Design- The design is not very appealing to the kids. Prints and colour selection is blunt and unattractive.


13. Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Luggage Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner, Shark

Rockland Jr. Kids' My First Luggage Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner, SharkBuy From Amazon

For your kid who loves the sea life, Rockland’s kids shark print roller luggage is perfect. Just go through the features and see how compact this kid’s luggage on wheels is.


  • Polycarbonate light weight hard side shell
  • Adjustable height pull handle for parents and kids
  • 50×15.60×11.80


  • Design and Print- Very appealing design and print quality of the shark is also durable.
  • Built- The body is made out of hard plastic that can take rough usage.
  • Wheels- 4 wheels for 360-degree movement of the bag.


  • Heavy- The hard plastic makes the bag a little heavier even before you put down any luggage into it.
  • Handles- The buttons on the handle can sometimes be very tidy for kids to use.
  • Not for everyone- If your kid doesn’t like animals, he will not go with the bag.


14. iPlay, iLearn 18”Kids Dinosaur Luggage, Hard Shell Travel Carry On Suitcase for Boys Children

iPlay, iLearn 18”Kids Dinosaur Luggage, Hard Shell Travel Carry On Suitcase for Boys ChildrenBuy From Amazon

Another one of those funny animal prints, the iPlayiLearn kid’s luggage on wheels is an eye-catcher.


  • Six Special Features – Lightweight Hard Plastic ABS Material; Durable multi-directional wheels with rotating 360 degrees; the luggage set are perfect combination for a trip with children; the backpack can be also regarded as school bag which is cool; simple and fashion stylish designed; a protective film on the set surface.
  • High Grade Material – This luggage set are made of durable Polycarbonate, ABS and Nylon, main compartment with high capacity that makes it possible kids can use our suitcase for a long time, and will not make it damaged easily due to the premium material. Easy to assemble and use. Convenient and easy for cleaning.
  • Perfect Size – Hardside/ hard shell kids luggage and the size is 18.5” L x 12”W x 8”H. This kid’s travel luggage set includes high quality 16″ wheelie suitcase with matching 13″ backpack. Without TSA approved luggage locks. Perfect as hand luggage on Airlines.
  • Travel Set – Perfect luxury kids vacation suitcase. Locking Telescopic Trolley Handle Makes it easy for Kids to Pull Along. It is very convenience for travelling, weekends away and some other outdoor activities.
  • Adorable Gift – They are useful and rolling luggage set for children (boys, girls, baby, and toddlers). As gifts for kid’s birthday or festival (Christmas, Halloween Thanksgiving, and New Year). Suitable for kids at any age (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 yrs. old) in outdoor or indoor whenever you go outside or traveling around.


  • Spacious- The bag is all about space. Plus an extra bag for some extra last minute stuff.
  • Built- Hard plastic body means less susceptible to rough usage and damage.
  • Waterproof- No stress of getting your kids clothes all wet. Once they are inside the bag they are waterproof.


  • Handle- Adjusting the handle can be a task for the kids. Plus you need to set it up with accordance to your kids height every time.
  • Cost- A little too much for a kids bag, the price is out of control.
  • Paint job- The design and paint tends to wear off after a long use. Scratches too can easily be made on the bag.


15. Hauptstadtkoffer Kids Luggage Children’s Luggage Suitcase Hard-Side Glossy Multi-coloured Apple green

Hauptstadtkoffer Kids Luggage Children's Luggage Suitcase Hard-Side Glossy Multicoloured ApplegreenBuy From Amazon

Simple and elegant Hauptstadtkoffer Kids luggage bag is perfect for your kid. So, if you are looking for the right kids rolling luggage on wheels, your search ends here.


  • Dimension: 18.31 x 11.81 x 8.58 inch | 3.53 LB | 24 Litre
  • 4 Wheels: smooth wheels for very high ride comfort
  • Telescope handle: Telescope wheel handle of anodized aluminium, with an ergonomic grip
  • Material: ABS + Polycarbonate / Hard-Side Glossy


  • Built- Strong hard plastic body. No amount of wear and tear can damage the bag.
  • Rollers- There are 4 wheels providing a 360 degree movement to the bag.
  • Space- One large compartment for all your kids’ small and large belongings.


  • No extra compartments- There are no extra external compartments.
  • Dull design- The design is not at all appealing and it won’t be your kid’s first choice.
  • Handle- The button on the handle is prone to giving problems after short usage.


Finally! Last but not the least – One of the Best Kids Luggage 

16. Lttxin Kids’ suitcase 18 inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage Lovely Hard Shell(upgrade-princess perfect printing) PINK

Lttxin Kids' suitcase 18 inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage Lovely Hard Shell(upgrade-princess perfect printing) PINK

Lttxin Kids' suitcase 18 inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage Lovely Hard Shell(upgrade-princess perfect printing) PINKBuy From Amazon

Lttxin is built to raise the benchmark on kid’s luggage on wheels. One of their best feature sis the amount of attention to detail they pay to the manufacturing of child friendly kid’s luggage.


Lttxin is a little on the higher price bandwidth but what makes it stand out is the different options you get. It is far from being unisex. It comes in three vibrant colours. One is for girls which is pink in design, the other dinosaur kid’s luggage for boys and the blur patterned one is gender blind.


  • Lightweight Case
  • Scratch proof Case
  • Environmentally friendly ABS and PC
  • High quality lining with polyester of only 150D
  • Three-year warranty


  • Design – Amazing printed design..
  • Wheels- Got 4 wheels for maximum portability.
  • Space-Multiple storage systems to stuff all those little things in like shoes, toys etc.
  • Comes in multiple colours – Mainly three, Pink, Green and Blue.



  • Damage- Not recommended for heavy travelling.
  • Little more pricey than the rest.
  • Handle- Can be a little hard to handle but perfect for kinds over 3 years.


End Note – Conclusion

I have tried to get you the best deals in terms of function, durability, fabric and all. At the end what would really help you form an informed decisions to ask yourself what the utilities you need are.

Is it going to be a long stay or a short stay? What are you traveling by? A train or a plane. All of these factors come in to play in choosing your personalized kids luggage on wheels.

These were my top 15+ picks for Best Personalized Childrens Luggage on Wheels. So, if you are looking for a similar one for your kids, refer to the article and buy the one that best suits your kid.


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