What is a Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

What is a Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

“Smart” is in the fashion. Whirl around and you’ll discover every little thing, from a mobile phone to a television set, has upgraded to “Smart”. The luggage industry specifically has also witnessed its fair share of evolution. Metal Boxes to leather bags to bags with wheels and now, the “Smart Bag Luggage” the industry has come a long way.

Yes, the smart bag luggage is the new revolution in the luggage and bags segment. It is fairly new and is now slowly making its way with the new hip, millennial travelers. What makes the luggage bag “Smart”? Here are some of the highlight features of any Smart luggage bag in the market currently.

  • The new Smart luggage bag enables Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Comes equipped with electronic locks.
  • Has an inbuilt charger.
  • Trackable through GPS.
  • Wireless control- through a mobile app or remote.
  • Solar Charging
  • Built in baggage scale.
  • Work station.

A general smart bag is built durable and carries any or every one of the above mentioned features. They come in varied price range and with little but strong drawback. Stick along to find out if you are amongst the one’s whom the smart bag is made for.


Why You Need a Smart Luggage Bag?

When everything around you is adapting to “smart”, why should you’re travelling experience suffer? Why do you need a smart bag or Smart Bag Luggage?  Here are some key reasons:

  1. Secure: Unlike the usual luggage bags with manual locks, the smart bag luggage adapts to electronic locking system. Plus, it is easily traceable and difficult to lose as it uses GPS.
  2. Caters to the 21st Century Needs: Smart phones, laptops or tablets, they are a traveler’s necessity. Finding a charging port when on long trips can be difficult, an inbuilt charger on smart luggage bags is the ultimate answer to “low battery” emergencies while on the go.
  3. Understands Workaholics: For an individual whose way of life is “work while on vacation”, the smart luggage bag is all they need. Many smart luggage bags come with in-built workstation so you don’t have to scout for one yourself.

Various smart bags commemorate different functionalities, you can choose a smart bag with your preference and lifestyle needs. There is something for everyone in these new smart bag luggage.


Is the Smart Bag Luggage for you?

Unfortunately, the smart bag is not for everyone. The two most common issue with every smart bag, that I think when I say people will relate to is; price and in flight issues.

Yes, these bags cost a bomb. Buying them is a calculative financial decision. Talking about bombs, batteries are not allowed inside airplanes, especially the kind of batteries these smart luggage bags retain. A lot of airports and stations have banned the usage of smart luggage bags with built in chargers. Overall, if you finally invest in a smart bag to discover you cannot carry it on airports, it sure will be a bummer.

On the contrary, it is a perfect choice for hitchhikers, long road travelers, trekkers and basically anyone who is not flying. Planning to buy one? Hold on.  You know about smart luggage bags. Now, lets jump in to find the top smart luggage bags for you.

  1. G-RO Smart BagWhat is Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

More than five color options, hip design, cool wheels, durable and smart. The G-RO smart bag is the perfect companion for long distant travelers and wanderers who love to travel in style. The highlight of all of G-RO’s bags are the ‘Axle-less’ wheels on them. They are one of a kind uniquely designed wheels revolutionizing 20 years of bags, carry on, suitcases and luggage manufacturing industry.

About G—RO

What started as an idea to revolutionize the wheels on carry-on bags escalated quickly into a plan to change the travelling experience all together.  The company launched with an earth shattering 4 million dollars’ revenue during their first year of sales and are still rolling strong. Due to government restrictions and rules against smart bags to airports many companies similar to G-RO see the writing on the wall but G-RO still stands strong.


  • Advanced expandable storage (86L to 96L).
  • External pockets specifically designed for shoes.
  • Best in class wheels curated for unusual terrain.
  • Multiple handles for smooth mobility.
  • Bluetooth tracker by TILE.
  • 7lbs in weight.
  • 5×28.5 in overall dimensions.
  • Telescopic handle with dual stages.
  • Ballistic nylon
  • Removable batteries.


  • Hard Shell body developed from light weight nylon. Lightweight bag means more weight for your stuff.
  • Spacious and compartmentalized. Every inch of the bag looks like a product of vigorous brainstorming The bag provides expandable storage and makes rooms for every one of your small and large things. Especially the shoe compartment on the outside is a brilliant idea from the brand.
  • The “Axle-less” wheels are large and flat, sits at the outside of the bag. This again helps in expanding the overall storage capacity of the bag.
  • Rough surfaces or stairs the wheels are a revolutionary addition to the bag. Provides seamless mobility and travelling experience.
  • The wheels add a style quotient to the overall bag. It looks something out of a Star Trek movie and who does not love Star Trek?
  • The sheer comfort of being able to remove the batteries when not in need saves a lot of time and unnecessary hustle at airports.


  • Costs a bomb. The bag is expensive and for someone on a budget, you really need to question yourself – do you really need a smart bag? Before buying one.
  • The batteries cost extra which is sad. The bag should come with the battery and not as an add on.
  • When you add on the batteries the overall weight of the bag hikes not substantially but noticeably.
  • Nylon is not always the best material when it comes down to durability.
  • The G-RO bag can be a victim to scratches and marks very easily. These scratches can seriously damage the overall look of the bag.

Link:  https://g-ro.com/


2. Away Smart BagsWhat is Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

Do “Away” from a destination to discover a new destination. The Away luggage bags give you a reason never to get bored of travelling. The bags premium looks, superior design and piles of features makes it an instant attraction amongst the business class and leisure travelers.

About Away

There are a lot of suitcase manufacturers in the market but what Away is known for apart from its bags is customer reach. Away cuts down the middle man, develops a links with its customers directly, this affects the pricing substantially and increases customer support.


  • Away makes its bags from water resistant and abrasion nylon.
  • Lockable zippers.
  • Smartly designed external pockets for boarding passes.
  • Interiors are padded to protect Laptops (up to 15”), iPads and magazines.
  • The polycarbonate body accounts for a strong built and durable design.
  • 360 degree rotating
  • Interior compression system.
  • Laundry bag hidden.
  • 21”x 13.7”x 9” in exterior measurements.
  • 20”x13.5” in interior measurements.
  • Weight- 7.8lbs
  • Capacity 38l
  • Attached battery with external port (37w lithium-ion).
  • TILE enabled Bluetooth connectivity.


  • The 360 degree rotating wheels make small bumps and sharp edges comfortable to glide.
  • The locks are TSA approved.
  • Allows quick access to documents, boarding passes, passports and more. The bag has compartments designed to match a modern travelers need.
  • Work on the go, the batteries charge your laptops and mobile phones.
  • The interior compression system uncovers more space every time you think the bag is full.
  • Track your bag with the inbuilt Bluetooth system, travel tension free.
  • The company also claims an ‘unbreakable shell’. So, if you are a travels who indulges in exploring rough terrains, this is the bag you need.
  • Additionally, the Away smart bag comes with lifetime limited warranty. This warranty extends to direct customers of Away. The warranty is limited to Cracks or breaks in the shell, Wheels, handles, or telescoping handles that break off and are no longer usable, Zippers that can no longer be opened or closed, Fabric tears that render front pocket fabric non-functional
  • Varied color schemes to choose from.



  • Away does not have its customer service across the globe, so even if you manage to get an “Away” bag, customer service can be a pain if you are not in their range.
  • The bag looks very common.
  • The warranty is limited; you’ll have to read through their documents carefully before claim.
  • Price is considerably high.

Link: https://www.awaytravel.com/


3. Arlo Skye Smart BagsWhat is Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

The Arlo Skye bags are a symbol of pure style and fines. Developed in the millennium era for the millennials. The backbone of Arlo Skye is best in class customer service and marvelous looks adapted from Louis Vuitton.


About Arlo Skye Smart

The travel extravaganza was founded in 2016 with the sole idea of contemplating the everyday travelling experience into a style statement. The company incorporates nothing but the best materials and technologies to develop a single bag. Their USP lies in 21 days of free trial, easy return policies and customer service.



  • Zipper free
  • Dual TSA approved secure locks
  • Interior compression system
  • Wheels that don’t make noise.
  • Removable batteries charger (10,050 mAh) supports phones and laptop.
  • 5 shades of sleek design to choose from.
  • 5lbs weight.
  • USB charger that extends to the exterior of the suitcase. USB version 3.0
  • 22”x14”x9” in dimension including wheels.
  • Anti-microbial interior linings.
  • TPE polymer handle.
  • Impact resistant.


  • The polycarbonate shell with aluminum frame and edges makes the Arlon Skye bag both lightweight and durable.
  • No more hustling to find out a power outlet when you carry one with yourself. The portable charger is removable, comes with additional surge and short- circuit protection features.
  • The wheels don’t make that ire noise that we all are used to. Arlon Skye calls It the Silent Run Lisof wheels.
  • Zipless design notches up the security of the bag.
  • Perfect for both short and long trips.
  • Superior design. A luggage suitcase has not been so luxurious before.
  • Arlo Skye bets on its customer service. A suitcase like this with impeccable features do require a customer service that is fast and prompt.


  • The Arlon Skye is probably the most expensive suitcase on our list. Obviously, the better the features, greater the price.
  • You might take a few days to adjust to the no zip feature.
  • No tracking ability. For the price, a lot of other bags include GPS or Bluetooth tracking system.
  • The compartmentalization is not unique. There are no exterior pockets. If you need to pull out something from your bag, you’ll have to completely undress it.
  • Can’t leave the USB cord hanging loose on the bag, you’ll have to carry it either in your pocket or in a handbag.
  • The design is not made for everyone. Your grandfather will never get used to the features, nor your kid will like the boxed up design. It caters to a certain class of professional travelers.

Link: https://arloskye.com/


4. Incase Pro Connected Hubless RollerWhat is Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

The Incase carry on roller vividly depicts how far we have come has humans. The design is futuristic, eye grabbing and a complete need of the hour. As the name describes, the bag understands the need to stay connected, providing seamless connectivity wherever you go.

About Incase

Incase launched its first set of bags as early as 1997. Since then they have made their products better with evolving technology and changing demands of the customers. Incase believes in development, thus collaborates with tens of brands to bring advanced solution to luggage bags. From suitcase to laptop covers, it has a fair share in revolutionizing and making travelling great again.


  • Innovative new design with trunk style opening.
  • Battery pack with as much as 20,100mAh power. Charges laptops, phones and tablets repeatedly.
  • Multiple USB ports to charge various devices at once.
  • Capacity of 32l
  • 22”x14”x9” of overall dimensions.
  • Durable 600D polyester and polycarbonate.
  • Built in tie down straps to hold all your items firmly.
  • Graphite color.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on bag.
  • 2 years limited warranty on the charger.
  • Removable batteries and wheels.


  • For airports that don’t allow batteries, you can simply pop out the battery pack from the bag and use it as a simple luggage.
  • The trunk style opening is very innovative and opens with just one step. It is similar to opening your laptop. Just lie it down and pop it up.
  • Being able to charge all your devices at once is a great relief. Now your devices are never out of charge.
  • The design grabs eyeballs of both an average Andy and a professional. When you go out with the bag, you know people are watching you.
  • The bag has an app. Yes, you can track the battery life and location of your bag comfortably though the Incase App. Really innovative and forward thinking, especially for a luggage bag.
  • The Incase luggage bag is perfect for short business trips and weekend get away with family and friends.


  • Not a lot of color options. If you are not a big fan of the black color, you might have to go for another bag all together.
  • The battery is large and puts on extra weight on the bag when you carry it along.
  • Although the dimensions are similar to that of other bags in the list the overall capacity is way too low.
  • For all that the bag has to offer there is a hefty amount you need to pay.
  • Be prepared for scratches and marks.
  • Removing and reinstalling wheels is a task in itself.

Link: https://www.incase.com/proconnected-4-wheel-hubless-roller


5. Néit Collapsible SuitcaseWhat is Smart Bag Luggage? Your Total Smart Travel Guide

Last in our list for sure, but the Néit suitcases has a lot of neat features to offer. When not in use the suitcase vanishes into thin air, quiet literally. Néit delivers a durable collapsible design with foldable wheels.

About Néit

Néit Luggage has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It was launched in 2016 with a clear idea to bring smart luggage solutions to travelers. Ironically, Smart luggage was not their first product. They started with manufacturing smartphone cases. Néit luggage has won several awards and is a runner up in British Innovation of the year at Gadget show, 2016.


  • Unique foldable design reducing the luggage to 30% of its total volume when not in use.
  • Unique carbine handles that allows users to easily hang it in small spaces.
  • Hard case textured design.
  • 4 multi directional wheels for 360-degree mobility.
  • Built In
  • Accompanied with a Néit app accessible through your mobile device.
  • Polycarbonate and Aluminium built exterior with waterproofing.
  • All zips (internal + external) are equipped with YKK Aquaseal


  • Saves a lot of space. Understanding the urban lifestyle, the foldable design is unique in its category.
  • The external body is durable and can withstand enormous pressures and rough usage.
  • The GPS tracker adds an extra layer of security to the luggage.
  • The Néit mobile application is also very thoughtful and allows various features starting from tracking your device to booking a flight.
  • The multidirectional wheels’ glide around edges and small bumps swiftly.


  • For every feature you add there in an add on price.
  • The overall design of the bag is very common.
  • People will rarely use the GPS function. It’s an add on function that is only useful if you tend to lose your luggage, which is not very common.

End Note:

Smart bag luggage is a revolution that the world is not yet ready to adapt to. A lot of smart suitcase manufacturing companies are on the verge of closure. Reasons? The regulations on the product. Countries like the USA where these companies acquire major market, have regulations like no batteries or GPS on airports or in flight is a big no. GPS and portable batteries are the foundation of these smart bags.

If you take them away they are merely an overpriced luggage bag. Another downside –  every technologically driven object has an expiration date. Just like your smart phone that begin to give away after a few years, the smart bags will also do the same.

Overall, when everything around you is smart then why not a smart luggage?  When choosing a bag always consider what features are specific to you. Are you really going to use the GPS? Or the portable batteries? If not, then investing in a smart bag is not a feasible option.  Once bought, the maintenance of the bags is also a cost you need to incur.

A harsh drop and your inbuilt GPS can break. So, even if the luggage is hard shelled or waterproof, its inbuilt smart features are prone to damage.  Additionally, if you go on to buy a smart luggage and the next day you wake up to find out the brand no longer exists, there is nothing you could do about it.

The list has some of the best smart bags out there in the market currently. If you are spell bond on getting a smart luggage for yourself, check out the options in the list. Stay tuned and subscribed to the page for more updates of the latest prodigies in the luggage industry.



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